Quick Qube Tent Range



The Quick-Qube is the new revolutionary way to create ultra long-lasting and easy growing space FAST! Adapted from an industrial gazebo frame, the patented pop-up upgraded framework allows you to put your Quick-Qube grow tent up and down in a few minutes!  Not only can you start growing at high-speed, it is also the strongest on the market with a hanging weight of a massive 150kg!  The aluminium anti-corrosive frame offers the ultimate in durability and lasts twice as long as standard grow tents, offering incredible value for money!

Green-Qube outer shells have extreme durability, with market-leading military style blackout 10 gauge zips.  These are not only fully waterproof but also come with our brand new Double Zip mechanism so you can zip yourself safely into your tent.  The outer shell is also comprises of a tough non-toxic PVA Oxford canvas with XREFLECT® diamond mylar. To keep the tents 99% light tight there is double-socked cabling, extraction and intake ports, StitchBLOCK®(with Tritec® foam technology) on all ports and rubber backing on all zips. There’s also double-stitching throughout for extra stability and strength as well as exceptional light-proofing.

Plus you get all the little extras to make your grow experience even easier such as handy door hooks, a removable spill tray and hanging straps.

Here’s a Green Qube, Quick Qube video with more information –


Full Product Description

See the table below for Quick Cube tent range specs –

Model Dimensions(metres) Weight(kg)
QQ1224 1.2×2.4×2.2 31
QQ1530 1.5×3.0x2.2 39
QQ200 2.0×2.0x2.2 40
QQ2030 2.0×3.0x2.2 44
QQ240 2.4×2.4×2.2 45
QQ300 3.0×3.0x2.2 55

Here’s a few pluses of using the Quick Cube tents –

  • Patent pending industrial gazebo framed ‘pop-up’ grow tent
  • Put up – and take down – in minutes
  • Quick-Qubes are officially the strongest grow tents on the market, with a hanging weight of 150kg
  • Lightweight aluminium 40mm x 1.4mm thick frame
  • Anti-corrosive
  • 1 year frame guarantee
  • Easy to put up in confined spaces
  • No poles or connectors
  • Maximises floor space with no floor poles
  • Neat and easy storage
  • No more missing poles
  • FREE Expansion Bar Pack to maximise growing space & to combat negative pressure
  • Green-Qube’s class-leading outer shell with all features