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Revolution DEva 1000w DE



The Revolution DEva 1000W DE the complete lighting solution.  It's lightweight, versatile, efficient and has excellent heat dissipation.
The Deva design and all components used in its manufacture are not more than two years old and as such offer the most up-to-date efficient operation. Other leading brands of 1000W  DE fixtures use older less efficient electronic drivers resulting in lower light output and more  power consumption.
Embracing new digital technology and manufacturing processes, the DEva provides outstanding  quality at an affordable price and in most cases at a lower price than its main competitors!  The DEva is quality through and through. Each DEva is continually tested during the manufacturing  process to ensure unsurpassed reliability, efficiency and quality, with a boastful return rate of ZERO!  This complete lighting system will not disappoint, with a 1000W DE lamp with an output of 2100
μmol/s, a high quality 97% German Miro aluminium reflector and the latest technology harnessed  in its integral ballast, all in one compact, reliable and powerful horticultural grow light.


Full Product Description

Features of the Revolution DEva 1000w DE include –

  • Low frequency, highly efficient Silent Squarewave electronic ballast with no radio interference
  • Surge protected, computer controllable and generator safe

  • Computer controlled ultra low start up surge
  • HumidiGuardTM epoxy coated electronics for long life

  • 97% reflective, German Miro aluminium reflector (Wide angle reflector option also 

    available soon)

  • Includes the high output Ushio Pro Plus 400V 1000W DE HPS 2100 μmol/s lamp

  • Maintains a steady arc tube plasma and constant temperature resulting in better colour 

    rendering and improved lamp life

  • Cool running with excellent heat dissipation

  • Avionic grade quality components and testing

  • 3 year warranty