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Roof-Qube RQ1224



The Roof-Qube is unique among grow tents in that it is designed specifically to fit under the apex of your attic roof. Construction is nice and sturdy using what the manufacturer claims to be the “strongest poles on the market” and metal corner pieces. Putting it together is easy thanks to the easy-click pole and corner connectors. There are also a generous number of double-socked cable, cooling and extraction ports featuring soft trim for exceptional light proofing.

Roof-Qube RQ1224 measurements (approx): Width: 2400mm Depth: 1200mm Total Height: 1800mm Height to top of vertical sides: 1400mm Length of sloping roof to Apex: 600mm Width at Apex: 400mm


Full Product Description

Features –

  • Measuring 1.2m x 2.4m x 1.8m – our largest grow tent for attics
  • 42 degrees roof to neatly slot into lofts and eave spaces
  • Lower height of 1.8m ideal for attics and basements
  • 25mm x 1mm powder-coated über strong metal poles
  • XREFLECT® diamond mylar for superior reflectivity & fewer hotspots
  • Hanging weight of +100kg
  • 2 x main access doors, 2 x side doors and 1 x rear door
  • Sensor Window®
  • Double zips plus rubber backed, waterproof and military-grade
  • 2 x Uplift Bars® for gravity-fed water systems e.g. Autopot, Multiflow & IWS Systems
  • 4 x 10″ double oversized extract socks which fit all sizes of ducting including acoustic ducting
  • 2 x cable socks
  • 4 x outside passive vents with 700 microns bug-proof MicroMesh
  • Double stitching
  • LightSavers® on all vents to deflect light
  • StitchBLOCK® with Tritec® foam technology for ultra-blackout light proofing
  • British engineered and designed
  • Plus door hookshanging straps & spill tray