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Roof-Qube RQ150



Roof-Qube is the world’s first grow tent to feature an angular roof so that it fits snugly under the apex of your loft.This is a premium quality tent featuring strong double-covered zips for 99% light proofing, strong metal corner pieces, easy click construction, double socked cable, air cooling, extraction and intake ports, access vents, removal waterproof spill tray and 400d Mylar reflective interior.

Roof-Qube (RQ150) measurements (approx): Width: 1500mm Depth: 1500mm Total Height: 1800mm Height to top of vertical sides: 1400mm Length of sloping roof to Apex: 600mm Width at Apex: 400mm

See the ‘Full Product Description’ section for more features.


Full Product Description

Features include –