SCROG Line Pro



The SCROG Line Pro is a modular plant support with a sturdy frame and legs.  It was designed and engineered to maximizing yield per area, per watt of light. The product comes in a very easy to construct flat pack design(see video), that has been injection moulded for a finished product that once constructed will not fail.  The legs sit in the growing medium /  plant pots, at an easy adjustable height of 8-10″ from the medium, and the plant grows through the net, and is trained by the grower through the holes towards the outer corners to utilize the whole space and get the best coverage of light distribution to the garden.  This clever design gives growers the advantage of gaining the maximum yield available from each plant, as the multiple flower sites will receive an even amount of the light distributed. 

The SCROG Line Pro 1.0 is 49x49cm and is best suited to a 15 litre pot. You can fit four 1.0 products in a 1mx1m grow tent, or nine in a 1.5mx1.5m tent.  The SCROG Line Pro 1.2 is 59x59cm and is best suited to an 18 litre pot. You can fit four 1.2 models in a 1.2mx1.2m grow tent, eight in a 2.4mx1.2m grow tent, sixteen fit in a 2.4mx 2.4m tent etc.



Full Product Description

SCROG Line Pro is available in two sizes –

  • 1m
  • 1.2m