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The Secret Jardin INT480 Rev 2.5 is one of the Intense range of grow tents for professional growers that demand more space, a very robust build with waterproof floor; extra doors, zippers and vents than the other tent ranges. 

As impressive in quality as they are in size, Secret Jardin’s Intense grow tents are true portable grow rooms. These top-of-the-range specs eliminate the hassle of finding a growing space that possesses both an ideal environment and plenty of room for a lot of plants. 

The Intense range feature a lightproof, washable, 95% reflective Mylar interior lining that’s strong without being too thick, roll-up access doors secured with high-quality zippers, and plenty of access ports for ventilation, exhaust, electrical plugs and more. Their sturdy aluminum framework is held together by dual-locking stainless steel joints, and it can support up to 150 pounds of equipment at the center of the tent.

Growers that need even more space than the largest Intense offers can take advantage of their ability to easily and smoothly link to one another, even between different sizes. Something for everyone’s needs!


Full Product Description

The Secret Jardin Intense INT480 tent measures 480x240x215cm.  This expert grow tent is dedicated to the cultivation of intensive crops

Features include –

  • Massive 30mm aluminium poles and thick corners
  • Thick tear-proof 900D canvas
  • Orca film
  • Improved thermal protection shield
  • Easy access to the plants through side windows & central corridor
  • Height Option: Extend the height of your tent by 30 or 60 cm(call 01202 524525 for more information)
  • Set-up your big “grow warehouse” by linking multiple Intense tents together

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