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Secret Jardin TLED Light



Secret Jardin TLED lights give you an extra option when deciding on lighting for your grow room.  They are both efficient and flexible and can offer both a direct(used mainly for propagation) or supplementary light source(during the main grow/bloom stages of plant development). The TLEDs are available in blue(6500K) for the grow stage and red for the bloom stage(mix of LED colours).  The TLED light units have either 144 LED diodes for the 26w model or 200 diodes for the 42w model, with each diode outputting 0.2w. The TLEDs come with a range of hangers to suit your prefered light setup.  Being slimline, they take up much less grow space than other alternatives.

So the TLED is a great option in many ways: light output efficiency; low power usage; wide variety of hanging options and cost effectiveness.



Full Product Description

The Secret TLED light range benefits include –

  • Designed for low space, with small extraction
  • Can also be used as HPS add-on lights

  • 5 times longer service life & no yield drop over time
  • More penetration than TCL & T8 technologies

  • Better spectrum than any other technologies

Dimensions –

  • 26w – 54x4x3cm (l,w,h)
  • 42w – 95x4x3cm (l,w,h)