SmartStart 600w Digital Ballast



The SmartStart Digital Ballast incorporates the revolutionary Ignition Control and Intelligent Circuit Protection Software that is unique to all of the Sol Digital range of products. 

The SmartStart Ignition Control is a revolutionary feature that ensures that the SmartStart Digital Ballast is the safest, most reliable and energy efficient digital ballast when used in automated multiple lamp applications. When multiple units are connected to the mains circuit, our integrated Ignition Control software will completely balance the electrical draw by igniting one lamp at a time to prevent electrical surges and spikes that can overload the mains circuit and trip circuit breaking systems. For further efficiency, this feature coincides with our ‘Soft Start Technology’.

The Intelligent Circuit Protection of the SmartStart Digital Ballast uses a sophisticated software controlled circuit breaking system that is not seen in other manufacturer’s ballasts. The system protects against a series of faults including: Open Circuit Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection and Over Temperature Protection. On ignition, the ballast performs a 3 second test of the circuit and in the event of a fault the ballast will go into protection mode to avoid damage to the ballast and lamp.

Whether you are running one or one hundred units, these high quality engineered products with unique internal software provide the most efficient, reliable and safest digital lighting system for use in horticultural and hydroponics applications.



Full Product Description

The SmartStart 600w digital ballast features –

  • SmartStart Ignition Control
  • Intelligent Circuit Protection
  • Soft Start Technology
  • Compatible with HPS, MH and dual spectrum lamps
  • Automatic frequency adjustment – maintains a constant output regardless of input power fluctuations
  • A superior heat sink for cool running
  • RF shielding
  • Silent operation
  • High energy efficiency – upto 30% more efficient than standard digital ballasts
  • 5 year limited warranty