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Spectrum King LED Lights



The Spectrum King offers the very latest in LED technology. PAR readings for these new LED lights are exceptional, providing a good level of intensity even around the outer edges. (see the diagrams below for technical details of the Series 400+ LED version).

Seeing is believing and the Spectrum King lights must be seen to experience just how powerful the full spectrum light is that these units emit. 

These lights save you money on electricity costs, overcome tranditional HPS heat issues and provide full-spectrum light.

Benefits include –

  • High intensity, full spectrum LED light
  • Cree LED technology(Spectrum King are exclusive branding partners)
  • Low heat levels – solves tradional temperature issues with HPS lights
  • Extremely energy efficient(50% and greater savings)
  • Strong, durable and totally waterproof, these LED lights are engineered to the highest standards
  • Highest PAR ratings of virtually any LED light on the market
  • 50000 hour lamp life
  • Wide-angled for a better light spread(120degrees)

For more information take a look at the Spectrum King manual for the standard SK300/SK400 models.

The SK600 is the latest in the Spectrum King range and offers a new low profile housing and gives 82% more light than the 400+ series!



Full Product Description

The Spectrum King Series+ is available at Addloes in the following sizes –

Product Light Beam Angle(Degrees) Wattage Equivalent Wattage
SK300+ 120 340w 600w
SK400+ 120 440w 1000w
SK600+ 120 650w 1000w(DE)