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Sun System Vertizontal



The Sun System Vertizontal is a new type of parabolic reflector that combines the best of both horizontal and vertical reflectors together. Most eight-sided parabolic shaped reflectors hold the lamp in a vertical position. This means that a lot of light is wasted because the light produced from the lamp is emitted in a 360 degree ring around the arc tube, so the light is sent out to the sides rather than downwards.

The specially designed bracket in the Vertizontal means the lamp can be operated in a horizontal position allowing the majority of the light to be thrown downwards instead of off to the sides. The balance of light that does emanate upwards is redirected back downwards in eight different directions simultaneously thanks to the unique shape of the specially designed insert in the centre of the reflector.

The Vertizontal is designed using the latest 3-D CAD and sophisticated photometric software to ensure proper light dispersal and diffusion. Independent light tests show that not only does the Vertizontal have a fantastically even spread of light with minimal hot spots; the amount of light reflected over the growing area is much higher than with parabolic reflectors with vertically mounted lamps.


Full Product Description

The Sun System Vertizontal reflector dimensions: 115cm diameter x 25cm deep.