Safer’s Trounce Concentrate – 500ml



Safer’s Trounce is a natural, organic pesticide and is biodegradable. It’s better for the environment because the natural solutions break down and do not persist to cause residual effects, or long lasting effects. The fruits and vegetables harvested by gardening organic will reach their full natural taste and potential.

Trounce plant insecticide concentrate kills insects such as spider mite, aphids, whiteflies, mealy bugs and more on contact. Its potassium salts disrupt and weaken the insect’s protective outer shell. The pyrethrins kill by disabling the insect’s nervous system. Trounce contains: pyrethrins and potassium salts of fatty acids (insecticidal soap). Containing only natural ingredients, Trounce won’t leave a harmful residue on the plants. It has a pleasant fragrance that doesn’t leave a “chemical smell” in the home.


Full Product Description

Safer’s Trounce can be applied – 

  • To edible / consumable plants
  • To flowering plants
  • Up to last day of harvest

Trounce concentrate will make up to 10 litres of insecticide solution, when diluted.