Vitalink BioPac Powder



Vitalink Biopac Powder is a concentrated blend of beneficial soil microbes, including 8 species of bacteria and 2 species of fungi. It contains TrichodermaBacillus, actinomycetes and lactic acid bacteria species. These BioPac ingredients colonise the root zone with beneficial microbes to fix nitrogen from the air and make it more readily available to the plant. The microbes also solubilise phosphorus and break down organic matter, such as dead roots, to release valuable trapped nutrients.

With the help of these beneficial microbes the plant’s tolerance to stress is increased and root health, development and function is improved.

BioPac is soluble and suitable for drip irrigation but can also be used in all growing substrates.


Soil/Coir/Stonewool – Dissolve 10g powder (one level spoon) in 10 litres of water and stir well to dilute, then water directly onto growing media – at least 1 litre per 5 litres media.

Recirculating hydro systems – Dissolve 10g powder in 10 litres of water and stir well to dilute, add this into 100 litre nutrient solution. Only repeat dose at complete solution changes.

Diluted product should not be stored for later use. Reseal sachet immediately after use.

Store in a cool dry place, ideally a refrigerator.

Shelf life: 12 months / 18 months if refrigerated.

10g dosing spoon included


Full Product Description

Vitalink BioPac Powder  is available in a 250ml sachet.