Wilma XXL 5 – 25 Litre Pots (AW405V2)



For growers looking for a lot more, the Wilma XXL System offers a much bigger reservoir drip feed system to make the most of your available space. The Wilma systems have long been known as great method for anyone wanting to grow in pots as the constant supply of nutrient solution should give better yields than hand watering. The XXL System sees an increase in reservoir size from 70L(for the XL system) to 150L.  Bigger pots, means bigger roots for faster nutrient uptake and an increase in yields, and the benefit of this active hydroponics system is its adaptability allows it to be used with all types of growing medium, although in our experience the best results are with clay pebbles.


Full Product Description

Wilma XXL 5 – 25 Litre Pots

Reservoir size – 115cm long x 115cm wide x 20cm high