We sell an extensive range of Canna nutrients including the Terra, Coco, Aqua, Bio, and Hydro varieties.
Take a look at the individual Canna nutrients below to find out more about ingredients and growth benefits.

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  • Canna Aqua Flores A&B
    Canna Aqua Flores A&B
    From: £19.04
  • Canna Aqua Vega A&B
    Canna Aqua Vega A&B
    From: £18.92
  • Canna Bio Flores
    Canna Bio Flores
    From: £18.00
  • Canna Bio Vega
    Canna Bio Vega
    From: £18.00
  • Canna Coco A&B
    Canna Coco A&B
    From: £19.04
  • Canna Hydro Flores A&B
    Canna Hydro Flores A&B
    From: £17.68
  • Canna Hydro Vega A&B
    Canna Hydro Vega A&B
    From: £17.31
  • Canna Start
    Canna Start
    From: £12.00
  • Canna Terra Flores
    Canna Terra Flores
    From: £16.62
  • Canna Terra Vega
    Canna Terra Vega
    From: £16.62