IWS Systems

Addloes sells the IWS modular, pot-based growing systems in DWC, RDWC and Autodrain formats. Essentially, the DWC and RDWC systems are Oxypots connected together. A DWC system submerges the roots in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution(bubbler technique), which encourages rapid growth and aids maximum flowering of your plants. Having a central nutrient solution reservoir makes it easy to control pH and EC levels and maintain nutrient concentrations. The IWS DWC multI-pot system has all the pots connected to a control unit, individually, so each pot is fed by it’s own feed tube. The IWS RDWC allows the nutrient solution to be recycled into the feed tank, cooling and mixing the nutrient solution of each pot module.  

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  • IWS Autodrain
    IWS Autodrain
    From: £237.25
  • IWS AutoDrain Dripper Kit
    IWS AutoDrain Dripper Kit
  • IWS Autodrain Stand
    IWS Autodrain Stand
  • IWS DWC System
    IWS DWC System
    From: £493.95
  • IWS RDWC System
    IWS RDWC System
    From: £409.95