Extractor Fans

Ventilation is of crucial importance when establishing the perfect growing environment. You will need a quality extractor fan to ventilate your system with fresh outdoor air. Addloes has an extensive range of top brand hydroponic fans including the Phresh, Rhino, CarboAir and Soler-Palau.

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  • Black Orchid Centri-flo Fans
    Black Orchid Centri-flo Fans
    From: £64.99
  • Black Orchid Hybrid-flo Fans
    Black Orchid Hybrid-flo Fans
    From: £55.99
  • Phresh Hyperfans
    Phresh Hyperfans
    From: £168.00
  • Phresh Stealth Hyperfans
    Phresh Stealth Hyperfans
    From: £268.00
  • RAM Mixed-Flow Inline Fan
    RAM Mixed-Flow Inline Fan
    From: £57.00
  • Revolution Silenced Vector EC Fan
    Revolution Silenced Vector EC Fan
    From: £524.28
  • Rhino Thermostatic Control Fan
    Rhino Thermostatic Control Fan
    From: £100.00
  • Rhino Twin Speed Fans
    Rhino Twin Speed Fans
    From: £70.00
  • RVK In-line Duct Fans
    RVK In-line Duct Fans
    From: £65.00
  • S&P Silenced Mixed Flow Duct Fans
    S&P Silenced Mixed Flow Duct Fans
    From: £74.85