Propagation Lighting

It is important to ensure that high intensity discharge lamps are not used when plants are in the propagation stage. Take a look at our range of propagation lighting at Addloes Lighting and Hydroponics including Lightwave and Sunblaster T5 systems, Osram T5 lamps, and the latest LED propagation lighting from Secret Jardin.

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  • Lightwave T5 Propagation Lighting
    Lightwave T5 Propagation Lighting
    From: £65.99
  • Osram T5 Single Tube
    Osram T5 Single Tube
    From: £6.00
  • Secret Jardin TLED Light
    Secret Jardin TLED Light
    From: £59.99
  • Spectrum King Mother’s Little Helper 100w
    Spectrum King Mother’s Little Helper 100w
  • Street Light LED
    Street Light LED
    From: £39.99
  • SunBlaster T5 Propagation Lights
    SunBlaster T5 Propagation Lights
    From: £14.95