Propagation Lighting

Choosing the correct propagation lighting can be key to the early development of a plant.  Using High Intensity Discharge(HID) lighting can have it’s disadvantages at the propagation stage of the plant lifecycle, as the light intensity and unidirectional emission given off by an HID lamp can inhibit seedling and clone growth.  It’s much better to use a light that gives of a lower intensity and uniform footprint. Fluorescent and low intensity LED lighting are ideal.

Take a look at our range of propagation lighting at Addloes including Lightwave and Sunblaster T5 systems, Osram T5 lamps, and the latest LED propagation lighting from Secret Jardin.

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  • Lightwave T5 Propagation Lighting
    Lightwave T5 Propagation Lighting
    From: £96.49
  • Osram T5 Single Tube
    Osram T5 Single Tube
    From: £6.00
  • Secret Jardin TLED Light
    Secret Jardin TLED Light
    From: £59.99
  • SunBlaster T5 Propagation Lights
    SunBlaster T5 Propagation Lights
    From: £30.00