Plants need nutrients in order to maximise growth and develop. Nutrients come in various forms with various job roles and can be organic or mineral.  As a general rule, a base nutrient is needed for the main stages of a plant’s growth.  They are available as one or two part solutions, these can be powdered, but are mostly in liquid form.  Have a look at our nutrients section for our ranges of manufacturers’ products.

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  • BioBizz Bio-Bloom
    BioBizz Bio-Bloom
    From: £12.00
  • BioBizz Bio-Grow
    BioBizz Bio-Grow
    From: £12.00
  • Biotabs Starter Kit
    Biotabs Starter Kit
  • Canna Aqua Flores A&B
    Canna Aqua Flores A&B
    From: £16.50
  • Canna Aqua Vega A&B
    Canna Aqua Vega A&B
    From: £16.50
  • Canna Bio Flores
    Canna Bio Flores
    From: £18.00
  • Canna Bio Vega
    Canna Bio Vega
    From: £18.00
  • Canna Coco A&B
    Canna Coco A&B
    From: £16.50
  • Canna Hydro Flores A&B
    Canna Hydro Flores A&B
    From: £15.50
  • Canna Hydro Vega A&B
    Canna Hydro Vega A&B
    From: £15.50
  • Canna Start
    Canna Start
    From: £12.00
  • Canna Terra Flores
    Canna Terra Flores
    From: £15.50
  • Canna Terra Vega
    Canna Terra Vega
    From: £15.50
  • Clonex
  • Clonex Mist
    Clonex Mist
    From: £8.29
  • CX Horticulture Coco Base A&B
    CX Horticulture Coco Base A&B
    From: £15.95