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Thanks for your patience in these difficult and unusual times.


Addloes sells a range of top quality tents from the best manufacturers, with size ranges to suit all needs.  The quality of tent materials is of top priority in order to get the best from your light source and for strength, durability and security.

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  • Black & White Sheeting
    Black & White Sheeting
  • Budbox Pro Grow Tent – White
    Budbox Pro Grow Tent – White
    From: £95.00
  • Diamond Reflect-a-Gro Sheeting
    Diamond Reflect-a-Gro Sheeting
  • Expando V2
    Expando V2
  • Green-Qube GQ100
    Green-Qube GQ100
  • Green-Qube GQ1020
    Green-Qube GQ1020
  • Green-Qube GQ120
    Green-Qube GQ120
  • Green-Qube GQ1224
    Green-Qube GQ1224
  • Green-Qube GQ150
    Green-Qube GQ150
  • Green-Qube GQ1530
    Green-Qube GQ1530
  • Green-Qube GQ200
    Green-Qube GQ200
  • Green-Qube GQ2030
    Green-Qube GQ2030
  • Green-Qube GQ240
    Green-Qube GQ240
  • Green-Qube GQ300
    Green-Qube GQ300
  • Green-Qube GQ60
    Green-Qube GQ60
  • Green-Qube GQ80
    Green-Qube GQ80