Rhino Twin Speed Fans



The Rhino Twin Speed fans are easily installed and removed and come with an easy to fit mounting clamp. The twin speed gives the grower a dual selection airflow control. Rhino Fans come hard wired and are ready to be used from removal from the box. They can be installed in any position and are maintenance-free and reliable. Inclusive mounting bracket. Rhino Fans have been developed to provide quiet, efficient ventilation for the grow room. They are simple to use and like all Rhino products, they are extremely robust.


Full Product Description

Rhino Twin Speed Fans are available in 5 different sizes – 

Rhino Twin Speed Fan Size Air Flow Rates
4″(100mm) 160/280m3/hr
5″(125mm) 220/360m3/hr
6″(150mm) 390/760m3/hr
8″(200mm) 450/950m3/hr
10″(250mm) 600/1180m3/hr