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Autopot Easy2grow Systems



The easy2grow pot Kit is a complete kit that will water & feed your plants without the need for pumps, timers or electricity, the water supply is gravity fed from the 47 Ltr tank supplied with the kit. Simply top up the tank every few weeks adding liquid feed at the same time to provide nutrients. Any greenhouse crop can be grown in this system.

Have a look at Autopot’s Easy2grow setup guide for more information and/or watch the 3D animated video below from Autopot –


Full Product Description

Each Easy2grow system comes with a 47L tank, lid a 6mm top hat grommet and a 6mm golf filter.

Then depending on the number of pot system you choose, they come with a single or multiple set of the following items – 

  • 1x2Pot tray and lid
  • 2x 8.5L pots
  • 1xAQUAvalve
  • 1x6mm inline tap
  • 2xroot control discs
  • 2xmarix discs
  • 1×1.5m 6mm pipe