Ecothrive Flourish



Ecothrive Flourish is a concentrated seaweed extract that is certified for organic use by the Soil Association!

Unlock plant potential with Flourish, a revolutionary seaweed extract designed for the demands of soil, coco and hydroponic growers. Packed with an abundance of bioactive compounds and phytohormones, flourish enables your plants to thrive, even in high-intensity light and elevated temperatures.

It’s a little different to your standard seaweed products; Flourish is extracted from sustainably harvested seaweed from Northwest Scotland and the West Coast of Ireland. The manufacturing process doesn’t use chemicals, just high pressure at low temperatures (aka cold pressed) with a focus on harvesting a high quantity of bio-actives.

This provides a rich, wide-spectrum extract packed full of phytohormones and bioactive compounds. It’s further filtered to remove the residual solids to provide a stable, completely soluble seaweed extract that has a low pH.

Perfect for adding to a reservoir without it spoiling, or for foliar applications.

Usage: Tank dilution 0.25-0.5ml/l or a foliar rate of 10ml/l

Ecothrive Flourish is an incredibly effective seaweed extract that remains stable in hydroponic reservoirs for weeks and is ideal for foliar spraying.


Full Product Description

Ecothrive Flourish is available in the following bottle sizes –

  • 250ml
  • 1L
  • 5L