FishPlant Production Aquaponic Unit



The FishPlant Production Unit is the largest in the aquaponic range. The larger size provides twice the growing area and more than twice the fish tank volume of the FishPlant Family Unit, creating an even more stable environment. Under optimum management you could be harvesting 10 fish every 6 weeks and up to 7kg of biomass. The height of the system makes it very accessible and easy-to-use. It is large enough to supply a large family with a constant supply of salad and herbs and regular fresh fish.  It fits into less than 3m2 of floor space and it is the ideal teaching aid for schools or educational/therapeutic organisations. 

The FishPlant units operate on a flood and drain system with an autosiphon which provides efficient, low maintenance operation.


Full Product Description

This FishPlant Production Unit System includes –

  • 800 litre fish tank
  • 2 x plant beds
  • Pump and Pipe Kit
  • 2 x Auto Siphons
  • Grow Bed Stand
  • Starter Kit
  • Clay Pebbles
  • Production Unit Instructions
  • Operation Guide