FishPlant Starter Kit



The FishPlant Starter Kit includes a dechlorinator to treat the chlorine in your tap water that would otherwise hinder the beneficial bacteria and stress your fish. It includes a starter culture of live filter bacteria and food to begin colonisation. These occur naturally but an initial introduction will get things off to a much quicker and more reliable start. The kit includes a nitrite test that will indicate that the bacteria are able to process ammonia into less harmful nitrite and indicates the colonisation is going well. At this stage you can start to introduce fish, as the bacteria colonisation continues the nitrite will be processed to the useful nitrate and the filter is said to have 'cycled‘. Use the FishPlant Fish Care test kit to check the ongoing colonisation and 'cycling' of your filter bacteria.


Full Product Description

The FishPlant Starter Kit includes –

  • Dechlorinator
  • Starter culture of live filter bacteria
  • Food for the filter bacteria to enhance colonisation
  • Nitrite Test