Kool Tube Tubing – Metre Length



The unique dual core construction of Kool Tube tubing means it’s an ideal choice for hydroponic growers. The white outer layer reflects excess heat and the black inner layer protect the nutrients from uv light. 

Here are the main benefits of choosing Iceline tubing –

  • Lowers the temperature of your nutrient solution
  • Reflective white outer layer to reduce heat & nutrient temps
  • Black inner reflects UV light
  • Manufactured from food grade plastic in the UK
  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels – better nutrient uptake
  • More stable EC levels
  • More stable pH levels
  • Reduces the risk of root diseases such as pythium

Take a look at the temperature graph for Kool Tube tubing comparison to standard black tubing.  

All in all Kool Tube tubing is a sound investment for any grower.


Full Product Description

The Kool Tube tubing is available with the following diameter measurements – 

Internal Diameter External Diameter
4mm 8mm
12.5mm 18.5mm
19mm 25mm
25mm 31mm



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