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The LUMii MAXii is a simple and easy-to-use Dutch barn-style reflector. It is an open ended highly polished and dimpled lightweight reflector which gives an efficient and even distribution of light. Unlike others on the market, the LUMii MAXii includes a unique lamp holder that is adjustable and designed to fit all E40 lamp types. All earth requirements are incorporated into the lamp holder itself. This safety feature means that there is no need for additional components. A unique feature of this reflector is that with the addition of the LUMii HID to CFL Converter Set contains a short additional cord set to convert the supplied IEC to a conventional power supply as well as an innovative support device to assist with the additional weight of a CFL lamp and to make sure the lamp stays horizontal.

With the LUMii MAXii system and the CFL Converter Kit you can use a cool CFL lamp for vegetative growth. Then if you are flowering switch to an HPS lamp by simply unplugging the converter plug and plugging into a LUMii ballast; all without taking your reflector down or changing it. No other reflector does this – it is easy! 


Full Product Description

Dimensions for the Lumii Maxii reflector are – L: 470mm x W: 430mm x H: 190mm

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