Ozone Direct Ozone Generator – Plugin



The Ozone Direct Plug In unit is a small, portable ozone generator.  It is designed to be used as an alternative to fragranced plug-in products and rather than masking an odour, use the ozone plug-In to remove bad odours.  The unit requires no cartridges so it is very cost effective to use.  The product  has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, it is manufactured here in the UK.  As the unit has a pre-programmed timer, the machine can be used when the area is occupied.

This generator produces 7mg of ozone(O3) per hour.

PLEASE NOTE: Ozone generators should be used by professionals in controlled areas where people are not physically present for prolonged periods of time. Ozone in concentrations above .05 ppm may be harmful to human health. 


Full Product Description

The benefits of using the Ozone Direct Ozone plugin generator benefits –

  • Uses no chemicals
  • Leaves no residues
  • Low maintenance
  • No filters
  • 1 year conditional warranty
  • Unique extended ozone chip life
  • Integrated circuit board