Plant Magic Soil Supreme 50L



Plant Magic Soil Supreme is a distinctive blend of lightly fertilised peat blend that is brimming with advantageous bacteria and organic growth stimulants. This highly aerated growing medium encourages quick development and strong roots. Giving your plants the best possible foundation will ensure highly productive blooms and a plentiful, high-quality final harvest. This blend is perfect for transplanting young cuttings or seedlings because it has been lightly fertilised to a medium level.

There is no requirement for pH metres because Soil Supreme is pre-buffered for pH with a liming agent. The substrate’s pH variations will be automatically fixed by this agent, bringing it back to the ideal level. You can reuse your media as long as you always add some dolomite lime to maintain the proper pH buffer. Water can be added gradually and steadily to ensure even pot saturation and prevent solution leakage from the pot’s bottom. After watering, we advise you to weigh your pot, and then wait until it feels about half as heavy before watering again.


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Plant Magic Soil Supreme 50L