SMSCOM Nutrimatic Drip Feed Controller



The Nutrimatic is an easy to set second timer that can be set and used in an instant. This timer is preprogrammed. The cycle of the Nutrimatic program can be set to 12 or 18 hours (the same as the lighting cycle), during the chosen cycle, 19 drip feeds are given. Simple to use, you set the number of seconds you want each dose to last, and the timer takes care of the frequency of the doses so you don’t need to worry about when or how often you should be feeding. 

This is a great product for use with drip feed systems such as the Wilma range of products from Nutriculture.  


Full Product Description

The SMSCOM Nutrimatic Drip Feed Controller pre-programmed timing setup and technical specs are –

Pre-programmed drip feeds:

Number of feeds Interval between the feeds
 For 18 hour cycle 
2 15 minutes
5 30 minutes
9 60 minutes
3 120 minutes
For 12 hour cycle
8 15 minutes
6 30 minutes
2 60 minutes
2 120 minutes
1 60 minutes

Technical specifications:

Control capacity max 2000 Watt

Mains voltage 230/240V

Phase Frequency 50Hz