The Equalizer Hot Spot Diffuser



This is the latest in hot spot diffusion devises. It simply slides onto the lamp socket of most types of reflectors and diffuses the ‘hot spot’ directly under the HID lamp. This provides better uniformity of light from the reflector and with the ‘hot spot’ removed means reflectors can be placed closer without the risk of scorching the plants directly under the lamp. The revolutionary design of The Equalizer is the result of using of the latest lighting development software and is a significant improvement on the more traditional design of heat shield. Independent testing of this product shows that it significantly improves the uniformity of light emitted from the reflector. Highly recommended!


Full Product Description

The Equalizer Hot Spot Diffuser – 


  • Fits most horizontal burning reflectors
  • Made of 95% reflective European aluminum
  • The revolutionary shape, size and hole patterns were designed using the latest lighting development software.