Tray2Grow Spike Only



Tray2Grow Capillary Spikes are used when irrigating and feeding grow bags with Tray2Grow. During set up the Spikes are pushed into the base of the Tray2Grow tray, each Spike laced with a strip of capillary material (capillary lace not incl. in this listing). 

When your grow bag is laid on top of a bed of Capillary Spikes they pierce the underside of the grow bag. The Capillary Lace on the Spike draws up water and (if desired) nutrient solution from the tray to irrigate and feed the grow bag from within.

It’s an elegant, low/no-maintenance, mess-free solution to watering grow bags wherever you want.


Full Product Description

1x Tray2Grow Grow Bag Spike

**Please note – does not include Capillary Lace**