C-Result Organic Booster



C-Result is an organic plant booster additive that contains 13 statically-charged element molecules of plant origin (free from PGR’s, chemicals and hormones). The statically charged molecules collect all the elements (N,P,K,Ca,Mg,S,Mn,Mo,Bo,Cu,Zn,Fe & Si) in your nutrient mix and transports them directly to the roots of the plant. (Via patented technology) just like a delivery truck collecting and delivering goods. C-Result can be used in all substrates, growing methods and with any nutrient range that is available on the market. The benefits of using C-Result: C-Result allows the plant to concentrate its energy on producing flowers instead of searching for food. Meanwhile the plant will avoid getting any deficiencies ensuring maximum yield and quality. This is due to the plants absorption rate being increased to 80-90%. Without C-Result it is usually 55%-65%.

How to use: In a stable environment and with healthy plants C-Result only needs to be applied once between week 1 or 2 of flower. Always add C-Result @ 5mls per litre of water.


Full Product Description

C-Result Organic Booster is available from Addloes in the following bottle sizes –

  • 250ml
  • 1L