Telos 10 Upgrade Kit



The Telos 10 Upgrade Kit contains everything needed to upgrade an existing Telos 10 to the Telos 10 Pro specification and offers the same benefits as the Telos 10 Pro once upgraded –

  • 2.5 μmol/j performance. This is a significant increase over both the original release at 1.9 μmol/j and the existing version at 2.0 μmol/j
  • The system runs significantly cooler, at least 10 degrees Celsius
  • Wider beam angle which is closer to 100 degrees now, meaning wider coverage at the same height
  • A small change in the spectrum which improves visibility in the growing chamber
  • Refreshed and cleaner design with clear optic gaskets and improved branding
  • 100% Osram LED’s in the Telos-10 Pro, Osram is becoming known as a premium brand in the horticulture industry



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Telos 10 Upgrade Kit