Grow-Genius Mono-Silicic Acid



Grow-Genius Mono-Silicic is an ultra fast acting silicon nutrient for all plants in all settings.

Using it results in increased strength; growth rates and yield; increased root mass; leaf size and brix content.  It also improves resistance to pests, disease and environmental stress.

Grow-Genius mono-silicic can reduce or eliminate the need for fungicides and pesticides.

It comes in an extremely concentrated formulation.

Grow-Genius mono-silicic is made in the UK with silicon from Scotland, minimising product miles.

GG mono is readily biodegradable: 95 % over 28 days (method: OECD Test Guideline 301F).


Full Product Description

Grow-Genius mono-silicic is available in –

  • 10ml(makes 333L of solution / 20L foliar)
  • 100ml(makes 3,333L of solution / 200L foliar)
  • 250ml(makes 8,333L of solution / 500L foliar)