Telos PRO Mesh LED Lighting



The Telos PRO Mesh range is the latest version of a tried and tested, modern and efficient LED luminaire. Now featuring even higher output OSRAM LEDs. Suitable for top-down growing applications, commercial greenhouses, and harsh environments such as advanced medical facilities. The use of passive natural convection has eliminated the need for a fan, reducing noise output and significantly increasing the life span of the light as it contains no moving parts. Lights are provided with an easy-to-use versatile hanging system.

Having all the features of the Telos PRO series, the Mesh series also brings the latest bluetooth technology to the table!

Telos Mesh is a secure, precise and wireless control solution that will revolutionise the way that growers control their Telos LED’s. Telos don’t release a new product every week. Instead, they think about what the future of horticulture is going to look like and try to develop unique solutions and technologies that are going to make the biggest impact. This new innovation is the result of two years of hard work by the Telos R&D team and highlights the state-of-the-art LED control.

Telos mesh drivers are the world’s first bluetooth-integrated waterproof drivers for horticulture and when paired with the Telos Mesh software provide revolutionary new functionality for growers. 

Traditional linking controllers have used ‘telephone wire’ cables to daisy chain a limited number of units together. Using a completely wireless system such as Telos Mesh you can reduce the set-up time and amount of clutter within the grow area. 

Conventional 0-10v dimming usually is a fairly limited technology that adjusts output in incremental steps by turning a knob on the driver or ballast. Changing the setting adjusts the brightness of the light by a consequence of changing the wattage of the power supply.

Privacy and Security is at the core of the Telos Mesh design and all commands are sent with end to end encryption. Firstly the user is in control, the bluetooth functionality doesn’t turn on until activated by the user using the touchpad.

When bluetooth is activated you can connect to the network in around 30 seconds. Once connected, the system will stop broadcasting/advertising. Advertising is important for most bluetooth devices like a pair of headphones as it allows you to find and connect to devices more easily. Advertising isn’t needed with Telos mesh as once added to a network there’s no need to disconnect and reconnect later.

The device switches permanently from “advertising” to “listening mode” where it listens for encrypted messages sent from the app. This means that you can’t find devices using bluetooth sniffers or bluetooth listening devices and the only device that can talk to the networks is one that has the network encryption key. If the network login or smart device that created the network is lost, then you need to reset each light on the network using the touchpad. Although this could be a long process, it guarantees the privacy and security of the network.


Full Product Description

Model Watts PPF(light units) Weight
Telos 6 Pro Mesh
Upto 200w Upto 480 umol / 2.5 umol per joule 4kg
Telos 10 Pro Mesh
Upto 320w
Upto 800 umol / 2.5 umol per joule